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What Should I expect at Riverland?

Our goal at Riverland Baptist Church is to make you feel not only welcome but wanted! When you arrive you should be greeted by warm and friendly people. If you arrive in time for Sunday School and aren't sure where to go, please feel free to ask anyone, and they will gladly escort you to your destination.

Is there a nursery?

Yes, we do have a nursery. It is located in the building in the direct center through the glass double doors.

If you would like more information concerning our nursery or other children's ministries, please click here.

Is there a dress code?

There is not a dress code set for any of our services. You will find that most people do dress in the traditional Sunday attire, but we want you to come as you are regardless of your attire!

What do I bring?

We encourage everyone to bring their Bible. If you do not own a Bible and would like one, please see one of our ministry leaders or staff members and we will be happy to give you one.