Riverland Baptist Church Missions 

A very important ministry of any church is church missions as directed to us by the Lord Jesus Christ in Matthew 29:19-20.

The Apostle Paul's missions ministry is written throughout the book of Acts and illustrated in  many books of the New Testament.

Riverland Baptist Church loves missions and serves in many ways:

  1. We pray for our missionaries - Many members are dedicated to pray for specific missionaries while others pray for all by signing our "Missionary Prayer Partner Sheet."
  2. We actively invite new missionaries to present their field of missions every 4-6 weeks.
  3. We keep communications weekly with our supported missionaries through weekly internet updates.
  4. We provide many missions "HELPS" to our church in the form of missions prayer cards, posting updated prayer letters, and missionary contact info located on our missions table. 

Are you a missionary looking for support?

Ways to contact us

  • By Phone (352) 489-6171 - Please leave a detailed message with our receptionist for our Mission's Director. Please make sure all contact information is given.
  • By Direct Email - riverlandbaptistmissions@gmail.com. Please leave all contact information as well as any packet of information you would like to share. 

*Please note, reaching our Mission's Director is the best way to ensure a quicker response.

Bro. Kevin Jeansonne and his wife, Acia