Vision U.K.

 Directed by Peter Wilkinson

Since moving to the United States, I have visited England at least once every year. During this time, I have seen the decline of church attendance and churches closing their doors forever.

Many of the beautiful, very old churches, some hundreds of years old, are being sold and converted into homes and businesses. Some are sold and being converted into mosques. With many immigrants moving to Britain, the Muslim religion is growing rapidly. There is a great need for Bible believing, Bible preaching churches throughout the United Kingdom. The churches that are preaching the Gospel are doing well, but it is harder and harder to reach people for Christ, and all the Pastors have to work very hard to reach anyone. 

To add to their difficulties the missionaries are now facing new immigration laws that make it much more difficult to either obtain a visa or even to renew one for anyone who has been in England for many years. 

When my wife and I returned from our visit in 2008, I realized there is a desperate need for financial support and spiritual encouragement for all the missionaries in England. 

The weak American dollar has caused their financial support to be cut in half. As in this country, inflation has hit hard. The need for revival is desperately strong. 

Riverland Baptist Church, Pastor Rex Carringer, our members and myself have started a ministry. "Vision U.K." to assist the English churches with their needs. The Holy Bible teaches us in Proverbs 29:18, "Where there is no vision the people perish.."