We are so excited that you have chosen to become apart of our family here at Riverland Christian Academy! We look forward to getting to know you and and your children as we embark on this journey together. We thank you for entrusting us with your child, and we hope we will be able to work together to accomplish a much greater good.


All Admissions Documents must be obtained at the School Office - (352) 489-6177


Procedure for New Students

  • An interview with both parents or guardians and the student being enrolled will be scheduled.
  • Submit an application form along with the registration fee of $75.00, and a copy of the most recent report card. (Registration fee will be returned if not accepted) 
  • A second interview with both parents or guardians and the student being enrolled will be scheduled.
  • Notification of acceptance will be mailed along with any necessary documents. 
  • Diagnostic testing will be scheduled to determine the student's placement level.
  • The enrollment of students in the ninth grade and above will be permitted if transferring from another A.C.E. school, and or the student's grades reflect no problems that would hinder graduation schedule.
  • All students attending Riverland Christian Academy are required to regularly attend church services. If not attending at Riverland Baptist Church, a signed statement from the pastor of the church they are attending must be on file and approved. 

All prospective kindergarten students must be five years old by September 1st of that year, for the enrollment in kindergarten

All prospective pre-kindergarten students must be four years old by September 1st of that year, for enrollment in pre-kindergarten.

Those parents seeking admission for their child to Riverland Christian Academy should follow the procedures listed below:

  1.  Read the Student Handbook
  2. Schedule an initial Parent/Student interview with the administrator 
  3. Submit the completed Student Application form and registration fee
  4. Schedule and attend the second Student/Parent interview with the administrator
  5. Once acceptance letter is received, schedule diagnostic placement examination
  6. Submit the following forms:

(These forms must be submitted before the student can attend school) 

  1. ( 10-12 graders ) Completed High School transcript request form
  2. Copy of the student's birth certificate
  3. Florida immunization form
  4. Doctor's health form from the state of Florida
  5. If planning on participating in the sports program, an Athletic Physical Form will have to be filled out by your child's doctor. These forms can be obtained from the school office


For enrollment or more questions please call (352) 489 - 6177



Riverland Christian Academy

Graduation Requirements

Students must earn twenty-four credits for a standard diploma


Standard High School Diploma Course Requirements

  1. Four credits in English Language Arts (ELA) - The four credits must be in ELA I, II, III, and IV.
  2. Four credits in mathematics - Two of the four required credits must be one credit in Algebra I and one credit in Geometry.
  3. Three credits in sciencce - Two of the three required credits must have a laboratory component. A student must earn one credit in Bilogy I and two credits in equally rigorous courses.
  4. Three and one-half credits in social studies -  A student mus tearn one-half credit in World Geography; one credit in United States History; one credit in World History; one-half credit in economics, which must include financial literacy; and one-half credit in United States Governement.
  5. Two and a half credits in fine or performing arts, practical arts - One-half in speech, one and one-half in keyboard/computer course.
  6. One credit in physical education - Physical education must include the integration of health. Participatin in an interscholastic sport at the junior varsity or varsity level for two full seasons shall satisfy the one-credit requirement in physical education.
  7. Two credits in electives - *IF plannin gon attending a state university or college, two credits in foreign language will be required.
  8. Four credits in Bible/Theology

*In addition to the standard diploma listed above, Rule 6A-1.09963, Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C), High School Graduations Requirements for Studentts with Disabilities, outlines two additional options that students with disabilities may complete within the 24-credit program. These include:

  • Specific requirements for students with disabilities for whiom the individual education plan (IEP) has determined that participation in the Florida Alternate Assessment is the most appropriate measzure of the student's skills and instruction in the access points is the most appropriate means of providing the student access to the general curriculum.
  • Specific requirements for a standard diploma for students with disabilities for whom the IEP team has determined that mastery of both academic and employement competencies is the most appropriate way for the student to demonstrate his or her skills.